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Thermal Slow Cooker Travel Bag, TY-QB007

Thermal Slow Cooker Travel Bag

1~50: USD:8.95
300~500: USD:6.95
1000~3000: USD:4.95
3000~: USD:2.95
Thermal Slow Cooker Travel Bag
KEEPS YOUR FOOD WARM ON THE WAY TO THE PICNIC: Serve your food at its best - still hot. Insulated nylon holds the heat inside
so the dish you serve tastes just as great at the potluck as when you cooked it.^INNER STRAP HOLDS COOKER STABLE TO AVOID SPILLS: Don't serve a hot mess. Our inner strap secures your slow cooker in place so it wont tip overside the bag during transport. Your food gets there safely.^HEAVY DUTY CARRYING STRAPS: Feel completely secure carrying your cooker around - the wide handles are made of thick

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Thermal Slow Cooker Travel Bag

Manufacturer from china

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